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Comments to and about Teachers
Comments to and about Teachers
Suggestion Box

The Suggestion Box serves as a communication channel between students and teachers for immediate and anonymous comments about any course-related matters.

In contrast to the course evaluation at the end of each semester, the suggestion box is accessible at any time during the semester.

Course evaluation

The Course Evaluation will be conducted at the end of each semester. Please enter and fill in the forms.The online evaluation is completely anonymous. The evaluation results will be kept confidential and will not be released until final grades are made.

The students’ feedback is indispensable to guarantee a steady improvement of the course and teaching quality. Therefore, every constructive comment will be taken seriously and will be handled with great care.

Don’t forget to come to the office of the Division of Curriculum after completing the course evaluation. We will offer you a nice NTHU souvenir.

Until now, after the deadline for submitting grades, course evaluation results were only accessible for instructors. Starting from Fall Semester 2016, students now may also have access to a part of the results (i.e. “6. The instructor’s performance is outstanding.”) if the instructor decides to make them public.

(Steps for online course evaluation)
Introduction of Course Selection


Introducción para selección de cursos