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Course Selection Regulations
Course Selection Regulations

Intl. student may take Chinese language courses as alternative courses of Chinese and English.

The undergraduate students are required to obtain 2 credit through the course "College Chinese" and 6 credits through 3 English courses (English I, English II, English III) offered by Language Center for graduation. Since 2013, international students may take Chinese language courses offered by the Chinese Language Center (8 credits in total) as alternative courses of Chinese and English.

Overseas Chinese students may apply for a waiver should they meet the eligibility requirements. Exceptional cases will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Maximum and minimum course loads per semester











In exceptional cases, it is possible to apply for course overload or course underload with the permission of the advisor and the department Director. ->-Overload application   ->Underload application

This application form should be delivered to the Office of Curriculum before the deadline of Add-or-Drop Selection or Course Withdrawal Period.

In the case of illegitimately selected courses or a course overload without permission, after the Add-or Drop Selection, the system will randomly choose from the selective courses and eliminate the exceeding number of courses. Affected students may not object to the elimination of the elective courses.

A course prerequisite is any requirement an academic department identifies as essential for a student to complete before taking a course. Students are responsible for knowing and completing all published prerequisite requirements for a course before taking that course.

The university has the obligation to inform students of prerequisite requirements. It has the right to cancel a student's registration in a course if the student has not satisfied the published prerequisite requirements for that course.

"Thesis", "Thesis Research" are assigned automatically by the system.
  • All graduate students in Master programs and Ph.D. programs must take a "Thesis" or "Thesis Research" course in the second or the third academic year of their study. These courses are automatically assigned, so students who only take one of these courses do not have to select such courses online.
  • For students who do not want to take these courses, they should drop them online during the course selection period.
Regulations on Graduate Students' Taking Undergraduate or Other Departments' Courses:
Elective undergraduate courses in general education and languages: the grades of these courses will not be averaged in the transcript. They will not be given any graduate credits either.
Other elective undergraduate courses and other departments' courses: the grades will be averaged in the transcript; the department will decide whether they will be given any graduate credits.
Minimum Class Size
When the add-or-drop selection is over:
Undergraduate programs
All curriculum classes will be expected to have a minimum number of 5
students.Courses with enrollments of fewer than five students will be cancelled.
Courses with enrollments of fewer than ten students, for which the school has to pay for teachers' hourly rates, will be cancelled.
(Field Project, Field Research, Bachelor's Thesis, and Teacher Education courses are not included.)
Graduate programs
Courses with enrollments of fewer than three students will be cancelled.
The Division of Curriculum will announce which courses are cancelled. If any course cancellation results in a student's not meeting the minimum requirement of credit hours, the curriculum section will notify the student to add a course.


General Education Course Requirement for Students in Various Colleges and Departments


More information,please visit the Center for General Education

Credit Exemption Regulations of National Tsing Hua University


Introduction of Course Selection


Introducción para selección de cursos