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為提高外國學生學習成效並加強華語文能力,自102學年度起,以外國學生管道入學之學士班學生,原校定必修「大學中文(2學分)及英文領域(6學分)」 可選擇改為修習「華語課程(8學分)」。僑生若情況特殊可另案專簽。《102學年度第1次教務會議決議


The undergraduate students are required to obtain 2 credit through the course "College Chinese" and 6 credits through 3 English courses (English I, English II, English III) offered by Language Center for graduation. Since 2013, international students may take Chinese language courses offered by the Chinese Language Center (8 credits in total) as alternative courses of Chinese and English.

Overseas Chinese students may apply for a waiver should they meet the eligibility requirements. Exceptional cases will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Application Form for Electing/Changing College Chinese (2 credits) + English Courses (English I, English II, English III, 6 credits) or Mandarin Courses (8 credits)